My ride review of the new Ripley AF

The 2021 Ripley AF is everything you thought it’d be- though it did catch me a little off guard. As a result, I got creative and built a bicycle rack on my DRZ400 in order to get to some interesting new trails!

Dawn Patrol on the RipmoV2

I’ve been riding the Orbea Occam quite a bit lately, and I’m hoping to do a wrap-up video on my thoughts on that bike, but I’m riding the RipmoV2 here to get reacquainted with my standard for 29” long travel bikes. This thing is FAST, it honestly got a little sketchy on the descent! The…

ABOVE LA: Riding the RIPMO in the City of Angels

The riding in the San Gabriel mountain range in LA is unbelievable! We rode up to Mount Lukens- the highest point in LA at 5’066 ft. This edit is a favorite from a bit back, and this bike is still a favorite of mine- and many others- today.

Ibis DV9- first look, first sends!

Check out the new Ibis DV9 at Jenson USA here: What a cool bike!  A $999 frame that weighs only 2.6lbs and sports a 67.4° head angle!  YES!!! I’ll share with ya some of my initial observations of this new bike.  Turns out this bike is a size large here, so on a medium,…

The FUTURE? Ibis’s secret carbon innovations!

Ibis had no chance to simply mirror what the Asian factories are doing, as those processes are HIGHLY labor intensive. Ibis instead thought about how they could make the process within their own limitations, and to do that, they had to be as efficient and automated as possible.