Ibis Mojo 3

Throwback! First ride on the size large Mojo 3!

Ibis Mojo 3
Mojo 3 with the NEW size large front triangle freshly swapped on!

For all those who are following the Mojo 3 build vlog, here’s a bit of a throw back- my first ride on the bike with that size large front triangle!  After putting so much into this bike since this video, it’s kind of funny to see where it began.  For this vid, I was still running the stubby 35mm long Syntace stem and a fairly narrow Ibis LoFi flat bar.  In hindsight, it is a bit of an awkward cockpit to say the least!

Other noticeable differences include the saddle, that 142 width Volt is a tad too wide for me, especially with that super low cockpit set up.  Going into further detail, the standard EVOL rear shock and the 34 140 fork were great for XC style riding, but once the impacts got larger, the lighter damping and less rigid chassis still had a bit of a vague feeling.  Not bad, just not as stout as the current DPX2 and 36 150 configuration.

However, one thing that I’m actually missing from this set up s the wheelset.  Those 742s are sweet!  Hmmm, might this be a hint for what might be coming up on the next episode?

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