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Going back for more!

A casual, pre-injury trail vlog from Galbraith Mountain while riding my Ibis Mojo HD5!

NOT AGAIN! Big crash

I have been mountain biking since 1996, and in those 23 years, have certainly had my fair share of big crashes.  Somehow I have never been knocked out, nor even suffered a severe concussion.  The other day we were shooting with Brandon to learn about his magazine ( and I seriously misjudged a small roller. …

Ride Report: the Orbea Occam

A poppy, nimble, lightweight bike that punches above its weight when things get rough…  That’s right- this is the ORBEA OCCAM RIDE REPORT!  I don’t like the word “review” since I’m not exactly your average rider, or even the intended user for most mountain bike products, but I’m happy to share my own experiences with…