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Stranded in the desert…

The DRZ400s fuel economy is decent, but (apparently) that changes when you’re dredging through 6″ of silt across the open desert.

Building a bike rack for my DRZ400

We are super lucky to have access to an extended family member’s vacation house in Sedona, AZ, and we do our very best to take advantage of that.  We recently spent about 6 weeks in the small town between Flagstaff and Phoenix, which was a long enough stay that I drove my hipster camper van…

My ride review of the new Ripley AF

The 2021 Ripley AF is everything you thought it’d be- though it did catch me a little off guard. As a result, I got creative and built a bicycle rack on my DRZ400 in order to get to some interesting new trails!

Riding (and sending) the Norco Sight VLT 29 eMTB

Time for a bike review! This is why 2020 was such a unique and fun year for me- thanks to support from Jenson USA, I’ve been able to spend time on a plethora of offerings from the various brands that Jenson sells. Jenson is an online retailer here in the United States, and they sell…

Adjustable suspension geometry: gimmick, or real benefit?

Does adjustable geometry matter? Modern day mountain bikes often incorporate some sort of “chip” that can “flip” (their words, not mine) to adjust a bike’s geometry.  And once in a while, we’ll see various mechanical options on the frame to change the bike’s suspension characteristics- making it easier to bottom out (regressive) or much more…

New from PNW- join me for a fun seatpost vlog!

With the new PNW Components’ Loam Dropper post on hand, I wanted to use it as an excuse to go ride somewhere really cool… So we loaded up and made it down to CCDH at Raging River! Join me for the ride, and stick around for the vlog!

This lesser known Leavenworth classic will test your mettle

Out in Leavenworth, WA, I previewed what the upcoming chilly winter months have to offer with Icicle Ridge. Despite the frigid name, the climb up was sweltering as we kept ascending, even reaching temperatures over 100 degrees, Icicle Ridge provided little reprieve from the sun. The heat combined with the trail’s steep elevation made this…

WA state’s longest flow trail?

Flow trails are an easy way for newer cyclers to get a good feel for what downhill speed can be without all of the pelvis-breaking obstacles. The idea behind flow trails is to have a smooth trail with a sustained higher speed, usually with a series of berms or rollers to allow riders to pump….