PURA VIDA: The incredible riding scene in Costa Rica

THIS IS LOCAL LOAM Community. The Central American community. The enduro community. While a few days is nowhere near enough time to really understand a new culture, that one theme kept coming up during our trip to Costa Rica. Just how did this overriding sense of community grab me, you ask? I had never been…

YEEHAW: This is Local Loam AUSTIN, TX

Texas, the second largest US state, has less than 4% publicly accessible land. This creates a substantial challenge for mountain bikers. But we’re nothing if not a determined and crafty group and we’ve found a few unique ways to shred Texas on two knobby tires.

ABOVE LA: Riding the RIPMO in the City of Angels

The riding in the San Gabriel mountain range in LA is unbelievable! We rode up to Mount Lukens- the highest point in LA at 5’066 ft. This edit is a favorite from a bit back, and this bike is still a favorite of mine- and many others- today.


Revolution is a strong word. Even so, it feels appropriate to describe how Northwest Arkansas has incorporated a complete mountain bike experience into the region. The ambitious strategy that began in Bentonville, and now expands throughout northwest Arkansas, paints an exciting new paradigm for what’s possible when developing the sport. These days in northwest Arkansas,…

LOCAL LOAM: Riding Mt. Lemmon with TORCA

Tucson has been all over the mountain biking media as of late. Nearly every major outlet has posted content from the area. During my own Tucson pilgrimage in December 2018, I saw for myself just what makes this riding so special.

Big news!!!

I’ve got exciting news! I love shooting the Local Loam episodes and I decided to start out creating merchandise that promotes some of the rad advocacy groups I’ve gotten to know and places I’ve gotten to ride through that series. Each t-shirt design will be based off a Local Loam episode and $5 of the…

Hurricane María opened them to mountain bike sustainability…

Special thanks to Martín Hanzlík and Jansen Colberg for covering our travel and lodging on this! Support Cabo Rojo Bike and Hike Trails Association! Every now and then, unique opportunities to visit special, far-off riding destinations pop into my inbox.  Despite my jet-setting ambitions, most of them are beyond my time and budget constraints. But…

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Riding Durango: old bike psyche!

I didn’t give them much intro, I just said bring your old bike and be yourself.  That was my own plan, at least, so it seemed prudent to invite the locals to do the same.  Vintage bikes have always been cool in my book, and particularly so if they can still somewhat shred by modern day standards.