Her FIRST true mountain bike!

At 3 years old, my daughter has already been pedaling for over a year. And the Prevelo Zulu Two is an awesome first mountain bike for a kid.

How to dial in your bike for summer 

Here are 5 easy, low cost ways you can dial in your bike for the changes in season- if you don’t think this makes a difference, then learn from my mistakes!


Another installation in the Chromag Vlog series! Now I didn’t actually ride the Chromag this time. What I did was take the fork, tires, cushcore tire inserts, pedals and saddle from my Chromag and put them on the HD5 so I can see how exactly these frames stack up against each other. I broke the…

HARDTAIL BUILD: Gears on the praying mantis

This video is proudly sponsored by JENSON USA The Chromag Stylus is a RAD all mountain, aggressive hardtail mountain bike. In the last episode of the hardtail vlog, I went through the parts that I thought would be a good fit for the build. In this episode, I convert the Stylus over to a fully…


 Check out eBikes at Jenson USA When I say “e-bikes”, I’m referring to the pedal assist mountain bikes that are quickly growing in popularity around the world.  These are considered class 1 ebikes, and are abundant in availability. They are limited to 20 mph, with a nominal power output of only 250 watts, and a…