Ibis DV9- first look, first sends!

Check out the new Ibis DV9 at Jenson USA here: http://bit.ly/2N9Ejdx What a cool bike!  A $999 frame that weighs only 2.6lbs and sports a 67.4° head angle!  YES!!! I’ll share with ya some of my initial observations of this new bike.  Turns out this bike is a size large here, so on a medium,…

Comparing the DPX2 to the Float DPS and Float X2!

Check out the Fox DPX2 shock at Jenson USA here: http://bit.ly/2wtinU8 Let’s hit the trail and review this thing!  For context, I’ll be comparing this to the Fox Float X2 and to the Float DPS. Climbing: riders may set the blue compression adjustment lever in either open, mid, or firm settings.  Fully open is often…

Mojo Ti Build Vlog, Episode 2!

First struggle on the old bike: find a GOOD tire that will actually fit!  While I didn’t have to jump through many hoops, I did recycle some old rims I had that turned out to be one of the few options for this build.  They are a bit of a unicorn product in that they…

Vintage build! My 1995 Mojo Ti!

SCORE!  I’ve always wanted to ride a titanium bike, and I’ve always wanted to build a vintage Ibis.  So it’s no surprise that when I saw a 1995 Ibis Mojo Ti (Titanium) for sale on my local Craigslist, I went ahead and swooped up that fine piece of knobby history!

Dry, dusty and rolling fast!

I really like the Riddler as a rear tire in the summer time, as dry, dusty trails are even more fun at higher speeds.