How to perfect your bike’s handling: handlebar width!

#handlebarwidth #wideornarrow #keeppedalling How wide should your handlebars be?  Mountain bike handlebars come REALLY wide, and the hot tip is to cut them down to a more reasonable width.  But what’s a reasonable width for you, and what other factors might you want to consider before getting out the saw? PNW Components Range handlebar at…

A trail too good not to share!

Check out Trailpeek’s channel here: I believe I first met Zach’s older brother Dane during my years racing on the collegiate scene.  Dane was a Chico State alumni, and I was a CalPoly SLO alum.  Heck, I don’t even think I was still a student when I first met Dane, I think I had…

Mojo Ti Build Vlog, Episode 2!

First struggle on the old bike: find a GOOD tire that will actually fit!  While I didn’t have to jump through many hoops, I did recycle some old rims I had that turned out to be one of the few options for this build.  They are a bit of a unicorn product in that they…

Legal steeps on Galbraith!

The trails has a great penchant for being treacherous in both the dusty summer conditions as well as in the greased lighting winter rains.

Dry, dusty and rolling fast!

I really like the Riddler as a rear tire in the summer time, as dry, dusty trails are even more fun at higher speeds.

The first part of the Mojo 3 Vlog

Fiercely flexing my grandfather’s old cap, I braved the winter cold and filmed this in my garage shop-in-progress back in early February of 2018.  I had ridden the bike only minimally since I first built it up for the Mojo 3 launch video back in 2016.

5 sneaky tips for professional video with just an iPhone!

We used ProMovie app to control exposure and frame rate, and used the best bitrate we could through the ap. Perhaps the most important piece of gear was the Moment wide angle lens and case, this made a HUGE improvement in the watchability of the video!

Did we pull it off?

A Galbraith mountain classic, Unemployment Line trail is an amazingly flowy sequence of perfectly built jumps. A true MTB flow trail!