This lesser known Leavenworth classic will test your mettle

Out in Leavenworth, WA, I previewed what the upcoming chilly winter months have to offer with Icicle Ridge. Despite the frigid name, the climb up was sweltering as we kept ascending, even reaching temperatures over 100 degrees, Icicle Ridge provided little reprieve from the sun. The heat combined with the trail’s steep elevation made this…

Sigh. Crashing at 6 in dang morning!

Yes, we all have our tumbles.  As you all know, I’m certainly no exception! Ever notice that PNW logo on my handlebars? No, I’m not repping my locale that hard- or wait, maybe I am- but that’s actually a company that my friend Aaron runs! PNW Components makes some high end controls, including bars, stems,…

MTBers ultimate garage gym!

Over the past few weeks things have been changing faster than ever.  Anyone who rides their bike aggressively has had a tumble or two.  In the past six months, I’ve had a healthy dose of crashes. Luckily I’ve been able to avoid significant injury on most of those. I fully believe that a big part…

YEEHAW: This is Local Loam AUSTIN, TX

Texas, the second largest US state, has less than 4% publicly accessible land. This creates a substantial challenge for mountain bikers. But we’re nothing if not a determined and crafty group and we’ve found a few unique ways to shred Texas on two knobby tires.

ABOVE LA: Riding the RIPMO in the City of Angels

The riding in the San Gabriel mountain range in LA is unbelievable! We rode up to Mount Lukens- the highest point in LA at 5’066 ft. This edit is a favorite from a bit back, and this bike is still a favorite of mine- and many others- today.

LOCAL LOAM: Riding Mt. Lemmon with TORCA

Tucson has been all over the mountain biking media as of late. Nearly every major outlet has posted content from the area. During my own Tucson pilgrimage in December 2018, I saw for myself just what makes this riding so special.