By Request: AIR CHAIR

Thanks to viewer Johnny Corners for the request to shoon on Air Chair! I did a much “fancier” video a few years ago, before the trail got logged, which you can watch here. We are so lucky to have Galbraith Mountain open for mountain biking here in Bellingham, WA, and that’s thanks to the WMBC,…

Dawn Patrol on the RipmoV2

I’ve been riding the Orbea Occam quite a bit lately, and I’m hoping to do a wrap-up video on my thoughts on that bike, but I’m riding the RipmoV2 here to get reacquainted with my standard for 29” long travel bikes. This thing is FAST, it honestly got a little sketchy on the descent! The…

No better time for Unemployment Line

I’m having a BLAST with these trail vlogs!! The other day I rode some old Galby classics: Evolution (aka Evo) and Unemployment Line. These are super popular trails around here and there was no shortage of folks out enjoying the sunshine! What’s your favorite trail in your area? Unemployment Line on trailforks Evolution on trailforks

#DadBod on the HD5

The DNR just reopened some of my local trails and I was stoked to get back out there! I hadn’t been out on my HD5 for awhile so I decided  to take it for a run on #Dadbod. I was happy to see some folks out there enjoying it! Check out Dad Bod on trail…

Sunrise ride on Galby!

I got in a muddy ride over Galbraith early the other morning before the family woke up and I was on #dadduty for the rest of the day. It’s GREAT to have my local trails so close by during quarantine times.

Can the Occam hang on an old favorite?!

I’m back riding one of the first ever trail my wife and I rode here in Bellingham. We rode it over Thanksgiving weekend in 2015 with my friend Ian Schmitt, and it made us realize that Bellingham is the real deal.

Learn the CUTTY

I don’t do cutties a whole lot, but I do occasionally employ them. Honestly, I think we could dedicate another entire video to cutties! But for now, here’s How To Cutty: 

A cutty is neither a skid nor a drift, it’s a powerslide. If you do it correctly, you shouldn’t see a skid mark in the dirt but sideways slide mark through the corner. 


 Check out eBikes at Jenson USA When I say “e-bikes”, I’m referring to the pedal assist mountain bikes that are quickly growing in popularity around the world.  These are considered class 1 ebikes, and are abundant in availability. They are limited to 20 mph, with a nominal power output of only 250 watts, and a…

How do I ride with my kid on the bike???

Disclaimer: Mac Ride sponsored the following video. I first bought the Mac Ride paying full retail price and have zero regrets! That said, I’m a veteran bike industry professional and am in the incredibly fortunate position to be receiving products for free (or heavily discounted).  “The Mac Ride, however, was purpose built for trails.” My…

What happened to Trust?

  Over the past couple weeks I’ve had a bunch of comments asking about what I’m going to do now that Trust is suspending operations.  I had a contract with Trust, they held up their end of the bargain, and I feel like I upheld my end.  Now that they are halting operations, I won’t get…