Learn the CUTTY

I don’t do cutties a whole lot, but I do occasionally employ them. Honestly, I think we could dedicate another entire video to cutties! But for now, here’s How To Cutty: 

A cutty is neither a skid nor a drift, it’s a powerslide. If you do it correctly, you shouldn’t see a skid mark in the dirt but sideways slide mark through the corner. 


I headed to sunny Sedona, AZ for this month’s Patreon tutorial. Here are my top tips for riding Sedona, AZ like a pro!

How you can flow down the trail!

#kendallweedclassic ‪#‎howtoflow #pumptrack If you’re an acute observer of mountain bike videos, you might notice that I’ve got a little bit of a unique style when I’m riding downhill.  Why’s that?  Well, I’m all about finding my flow- and that means I’m constantly trying to build and conserve momentum. Watch the full video here: https://www.patreon.com/jeffkendallweed…