How to manual: teaching my favorite skill

How to manual, and how to wheelie a mountain bike- two of the most requested tutorials out there, but also a great topic for a WMBC fundraiser! The WMBC is our local trail advocacy group, and are the reason we are so lucky to have access to so much trail on Galbraith Mountain. In fact,…

Bump up your bunnyhop height!

A fundamental mountain biking skill, the bunnyhop is believed by some to be an ancient tradition passed down through mountain biking lore since the beginning of time. It may seem weird the bunnyhop was invented right at the beginning of time, but just hear me out. After all these years, there is a simple (but…

Learn the CUTTY

I don’t do cutties a whole lot, but I do occasionally employ them. Honestly, I think we could dedicate another entire video to cutties! But for now, here’s How To Cutty: 

A cutty is neither a skid nor a drift, it’s a powerslide. If you do it correctly, you shouldn’t see a skid mark in the dirt but sideways slide mark through the corner. 


I headed to sunny Sedona, AZ for this month’s Patreon tutorial. Here are my top tips for riding Sedona, AZ like a pro!

How you can flow down the trail!

#kendallweedclassic ‪#‎howtoflow #pumptrack If you’re an acute observer of mountain bike videos, you might notice that I’ve got a little bit of a unique style when I’m riding downhill.  Why’s that?  Well, I’m all about finding my flow- and that means I’m constantly trying to build and conserve momentum. Watch the full video here:…