This lesser known Leavenworth classic will test your mettle

Out in Leavenworth, WA, I previewed what the upcoming chilly winter months have to offer with Icicle Ridge. Despite the frigid name, the climb up was sweltering as we kept ascending, even reaching temperatures over 100 degrees, Icicle Ridge provided little reprieve from the sun. The heat combined with the trail’s steep elevation made this ride moderately challenging.

New bike psyche! Logan drove over 30 hours to pick up this Santa Cruz Tallboy. If you want to see a ride report, let me know!
You can tell by my face alone that something gnarly is about to go down. 

The steep elevation gives the trail plenty of scenic viewpoints on the ride down. Icicle Ridge is traditionally a hiking trail, so there are slower and more awkward sections at times. If you’re expecting something with more flow to it then this isn’t the trail for you, as each switchback can act as a riddle you need to crack versus a slot-car style berm.

The views of Leavenworth and the Wenatchee Valley are simply breathtaking. Meanwhile, an errant rock on Icicle Ridge decided to take a bite of Logan’s rear derailleur.
Does a fear of heights ever affect your rides?

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