Stranded in the desert…

The famous Suzuki DRZ400s dual sport motorcycle gets fantastic mileage in comparison to my KTM 250XC two stroke.  However, it would be prudent to have a rough idea of what sort of fuel economy the DRZ400 does indeed achieve…  I thought it got typical 4 stroke mileage, something around 50 mpg.  And the stock tank is a hefty 2.9 gallon unit.   

The day prior, I did a quick 2 hour loop, which I figure used about a 1/4 tank.  In this video, I learn about pinnacles and pushing 300lb sleds through the sand.

Welcome to Jeff Tries Moto, a new YouTube channel dedicated to riding my DRZ400 as though it were a dirt bike, and not a street bike with knobby tires.

Yes, I had topped off the tank with ethanol-free fuel after this ride.

On this episode, I have a downright painful crash:

This crash sucked.

Rather than know all that, I decided to set out to find the Trona Pinnacles from Charlies Place, AKA Wagon Wheel campground and OHV area, with hopes and prayers filling my gas tank.  And it almost worked!  Ironically, the last time I tried this ride back in 2008, a guy in our group also ran out of gas.  

The Trona Pinnacles are beautiful and special, and do not have a gas station.

Ah yes, the open desert, where mankind can ride anywhere their machine can carry them. Fully legal!
Apparently that 120 mile range means going from the library to the post office, not through the sandy desert and charging up hill climbs…

I do have a Keihin FCR40mm carb now installed on the bike, which will make economy much more poor.  This means I should probably get a larger fuel tank.  I’m going to hold off on any purchases for this bike for a while though, as I want to simply get it tuned up before getting it souped up.  However, if anyone has an extra large tank sitting around, I could use it!

I did create a “wish list” over on Amazon for DRZ400 parts that I could use, just in case anyone is feeling generous:

Big thanks to Texan Russ for the extra fuel, as well as to Brian.  On the next trip with the DRZ400, I’ll bring my normal spare gas can so I can top off before sending it blindly into the desert.  Or maybe I won’t, as this was a fun adventure?  Regardless, be sure to subscribe to the new channel!  

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