Top five ride of the year? Absolutely!

Everyone has a different feeling for what the perfect trail should embody. I’ve already expressed love for the more rugged, unkempt and raw trails that really help connect me with nature, so this trail fit the bill.  Angel’s Staircase, hailing from the Methow chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, first caught my eye in an issue of Freehub magazine. With over six-thousand feet in elevation change, I was a little concerned for the ascent up to the pearly gates. However, Angel’s Staircase ended up being one of the top five rides of the year, hands down.

This ride is super physically demanding, but there’s a reason why it’s still so popular. Here’s a peek at some of the insane views this ride provides. While difficult, Angel’s Staircase is entirely doable, and well worth it.

Head over to Trailforks to learn more about the actual details of the trail. Trailforks is currently introducing entry level subscription prices for their app. I’d highly recommend this app for any mountain biking fan.

I’m just as confident that I’ll knock out the 6k elevation as I am that I’ll be sore as hell the next day.


On longer rides, it’s good practice to get water when it’s available.  A water filter that allows you multitask is great for making sure that you time your rides out correctly and aren’t riding in the dark! After all, it would be a shame to get to all these views and not be able to see straight!


The anticipation builds with each gravelly step hiking up from Cooney Lake. Does anyone else get butterflies before cresting the peak of a long hike?  The Rocky Mountain Altitude was suited well for big, gnarly rides like Angel’s Staircase.


The initial descent on Angel’s Staircase trail has an incredible view over the Lake Chelan drainage. Depending on which way you spill your freshly filtered water, it will end up either in Lake Chelan or on the complete other side of the mountain in the Methow River.

This fellow and his wife drove up from Oregon to go backpacking along the same trail I did. Unfortunately, I may have interrupted their sleep at the trailhead the night before after chasing a mouse out of my van. I need to protect my old banana peels! 


Sunburnt and peeling more than the bananas that mouse tried to take from me last night, I’m bonked at Eagle Lake Trail, the final summit before the long descent back into civilization.


What I’d give to be an Earthbender right now! I still haven’t given up yet on mastering all four elements!


Shoutout to PNW Components for the sick handlebar and more. Long rides like these benefit from having excellent cockpit gear.


Brian and his friend Evan are up from Seattle, and have been toughing it out for over five days out in the woods of Twisp. After meeting them towards the end of both our journeys, we ended up chatting over some ice-cold water-their first cold drink in close to a week!


Evan, friend of Brian 

Everything from the climb, the views, the features and more gives Angel’s Staircase the Backcountry Banger stamp of approval. If you want to check out more Backcountry Bangers, there are two certified slaps in the playlist below, with more to follow!

Big thanks to these guys for making this all possible!  Any purchases from these links will directly help support my channel as well:

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