New from PNW- join me for a fun seatpost vlog!

First, let’s never let the bike gear get in the way of the riding! Join me for a fun run down CCDH (Canyon Creek Down Hill) at Raging River in Snoqualmie, WA!

PNW Components just released an awesome new dropper seatpost called the Loam Dropper.  It features an updated, slightly shorter overall length, tool-free drop adjust from 200mm down to 125mm, and uses an adjustable air cartridge.  Learn more about the Loam Dropper here (affiliate link):

Now, let’s get into the fun vlog I just got together!

Above is the “old” Rainier IR post, which is externally adjustable as well. This is what I’ve been using on my Rocky Mountain Altitude for some time now, and at both 200mm and 190mm lengths. Below is the new Loam dropper. Check out how the portion that goes into the frame is now shorter than ever. This is AWESOME! Finally, you can fit even more drop into your bike!  Also note how the collar has been shortened, meaning more room for more drop.  
Trying my hardest to do a Cody Kelley imitation… Don’t be fooled, I’ll never ride like Cody! I have lots of respect for Cody, he’s quite likely the most stylish rider on the planet!
Thanks for joining me!  I’m a big fan of PNW Components– they are good people, they make great stuff, and they have very fair prices.  They’ve also been a big supporter of mine.  Thank you PNW!

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