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HUGE thanks to my friends at PNW Components- based out of Seattle, husband and wife Aaron and Emily have built an awesome company that makes some amazing dropper seat posts, levers, grips, handlebars, and stems!  Have a peek at their beautiful site through my affiliate link here: https://bit.ly/PNWComponents2022JKW  Without the support of companies like PNW, I wouldn’t be able to make these videos.  And I’m proud to represent PNW, they make great stuff and very fair prices!

It started as a casual ride out to grab some footage of the Occam in action. Fast forward 2.5 months, and I’m nursing an injury while trying to remember what sort of content I have stored up in the archives. BOOM! This was a fun ride, so might as well post!  The Occam is an extra poppy bike, and I kinda wish I still had it in my quiver!

Also, big thanks to Logan for charging along on his hardtail to make this vid happen- he was PINNED!  You can give him a follow here: https://www.instagram.com/loganpatricknelson/

Logan is on a HARDTAIL. Yes. The full suspension bike I’m riding retails around $7000. And it’s worth it- it’s such a fun, capable, reliable bike. But Logan is riding a bike he scrounged up for a few hundred bucks. Yes, hardtails are awesome and can do 99% of what the full squish can. But they are a definitely more dangerous, and more painful. Thanks for sacrificing your back, Logan!

My new athlete page over at Jenson USA: https://www.jensonusa.com/blog/rider-profile-JKW

My favorite line on this trail is the optional bunny hop over the old log. I spotted this a while back but never took a good look at it. While I didn’t include much of this in the video, we spent some time here looking at the log, the run in, and the run out. I often deliberate a ton on whether or not a “bonus”, high performance option is worthwhile including in a vid. I don’t wanna yard myself doing something “for the internet” that I wouldn’t jump normally! In this case, everything lined up well and was plenty safe. In other cases, like 4 weeks ago, I land in a giant slump of torn ligaments and slurred speech. It’s a dangerous game.

I’m riding an Orbea Occam loaner bike that Jenson USA arranged for me.  Jenson is an awesome Orbea online retailer here in the USA.  Here’s the whole build (affiliate links over to Jenson USA and PNW):

One day, I’ll head back to this trail with my “sworn off” clipless pedals, with the sole goal of blasting up this ledge on the left. I’ve never seen anyone do that, and I think it’d be neat to punch right up it! 

Stay tuned- lots of great content to come thanks to Jenson USA, and you can check them out here via my affiliate link: https://www.jensonusa.com/blog/rider-profile-JKW

This little bonus section of Candy is extra sweet (dad joke)! There’s a buncha sweet huck to flats, and the views are NICE!

My Patreon tutorials posted through May 2020:

On the left turn, the common fast line is to pop to the outside (right) before the turn. This has become the preferred line for many locals, and the trail is holding it nicely. 
There’s a sniper line to the left of a big root here (I’m on the sniper line) which then opens this corner up nicely. It’s a narrow little line that you need to be anticipating, and it feels awesome when you set right into it!  Don’t mistake the giant root before the corner tho- I’m on the main tread of the trail the whole time, to the right of that big visible root.  Not out in the leaves.

JKW Koozies available now! 


On bermed turns, I try to keep the bike perpendicular to the ground. This works great, but it does take some experience in reading the angle of the turn and judging that vs the speed of the trail.  I’m pushing it a bit here, and you can see the roost off the rear tire as evidence.

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This tighter switchback has a slight bank to it, but you can tell I’ve got most of my weight on my outside foot, pushing the bike down to the inside of the turn, weighting the tire’s inside side knobs.

Big thanks to these guys for making this all possible!  Any purchases from these links will directly help support my channel as well:

THIS is where the Occam excels! Boosting off any old random item.


  1. Hi Jeff, sick clip.

    The shorts you are wearing, are they padded? I might have to get myself some.

    1. Yes! I’m using some Troy Lee body armor. I’ve broken my pelvis three times now, so I need all the protection I can get!

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