OOOPS! Saved my friend… then sent him down a cliff

Most of you have heard about the CZU Lightning Complex fires burning all over California- including in my former backyard, Santa Cruz.  A neighborhood near and dear to my family, little Bonny Doon, has been hit HARD!  Big thanks to Ibis for forwarding along these various methods of supporting a key local Santa Cruz area community!

Yes, this drop in is a cliff. Steep enough that a few folks were able to toboggan down it in a kiddie pool- true story!

A few of my friends’ GoFundMe pages:

More general fundraisers: 

Trying my hardest not to vlog too much, but hey, this was a noteworthy cause!

And, if you aren’t familiar with my friend Chris, he runs an excellent company called Nourish Balance Thrive- the wellness solution created for athletes, by athletes.

Chris has an interesting story, and the company he (and several others) have developed has done some really cool things for folks!

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I love corners!

JKW Koozies available now!

Tiger is a great trail dog!

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