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Yes, this is from a few weeks ago, before I had my concussion!  Join me (via POV GoPro!) for a fun mountain bike trail ride on the Ibis Cycles Mojo HD5 enduro bike here on Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, WA- the heart of the PNW!  Nothing on Galbraith is too extreme or crazy, but the 65 miles of singletrack are super fun.

I really enjoy my HD5 (thanks to Ibis for sponsoring me these last 12 years!) on these trails.  The smaller, 27.5 wheels are very nimble and intuitive to handle on the jump infested trails.  Being of smaller stature, at only 5’8″/170lbs, my riding technique has always been to jump over rough spots rather than to “monster truck” through.  The HD5 suits my style very well!  With a 170mm fork up front, and a DPX2 rear shock with ~150mm of travel, the bike is still easy to get into the air, has plenty of cushion for all bit the biggest of hits, and can still be pumped and manipulated like a trail bike on the more traditional trails.

THANKS to the Shire.Built crew for all their work!  This trail ride video starts on their trail called Mohawk.  The guys have done an amazing job with this trail!  If you need some rad trails built near you, here’s their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/shire.built/ Hire them!  #ShireforHire

Dropping in on Mohawk, a black rated trail that lots of intermediate level riders still enjoy.
This log has been incorporated in an awesome way! After a series of three rollers, riders can huck over the log and into a bowled out, bermed right hand turn. Nice work Shire Crew!
The view from above that log!  See how tasty that berm is?

Ever notice that PNW logo on my handlebars? No, I’m not repping my locale that hard- or wait, maybe I am- but that’s actually a company that my friend Aaron runs! PNW Components makes some high end controls, including bars, stems, grips, dropper posts, levers, and a few other awesome items. Have a peek at their beautiful site through my affiliate link here: https://bit.ly/PNWComponents2022JKW

The feeling of pumping and mashing the bike through a root infested PNW classic. Not much is better!  Thanks to Kona Bikes for sponsoring this trail!
That’s one beautiful trail!  Again, props to Kona for building, maintaining, and continuing to sponsor this gem!

The WMBC, our AWESOME local advocacy group, is working hard on getting a legit, safe parking lot built. This is great, as the current set up is down right scary. If you can, please check out their page here: https://www.wmbcmtb.org/galbraithparking

Tacky turns… my favorite!
See that dirt? That’s what we call loam. Equal parts sand and organic dirt! It drains very well, and has a fun, loose feeling under the tires.

My new athlete page over at Jenson USA: https://www.jensonusa.com/blog/rider-profile-JKW

Though to be honest, I’ll trade in the loam for the moss! I LOVE the way the green moss frames the singletrack. Often described as a “carpet”, I can’t help but think of the moss as a “frosting” on the top of the loam cake!

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Thanks for joining me on this fun ride!

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