Dry, dusty and rolling fast!

I really like the Riddler as a rear tire in the summer time, as dry, dusty trails are even more fun at higher speeds.

The first part of the Mojo 3 Vlog

Fiercely flexing my grandfather’s old cap, I braved the winter cold and filmed this in my garage shop-in-progress back in early February of 2018.  I had ridden the bike only minimally since I first built it up for the Mojo 3 launch video back in 2016.

The FUTURE? Ibis’s secret carbon innovations!

Ibis had no chance to simply mirror what the Asian factories are doing, as those processes are HIGHLY labor intensive. Ibis instead thought about how they could make the process within their own limitations, and to do that, they had to be as efficient and automated as possible.

Why should you use a dropper seatpost?

Mountain bikers have traditionally been stuck with a bit of a dilemma: set the saddle high enough to provide proper pedaling efficiency, and lose a ton of descending confidence, or set the post low enough to allow for rad jumps, but then be relegated to standing for all extended pedaling sections.  Alas- the dropper seat post was invented!

Same saddle, different widths?!

WTB’s Volt saddle is a great example of why understanding saddle width is key in order to find what saddle will be most comfortable for you.