Yeti Launches the SB 140 Lunch Ride

I’m stoked to share my experiences with the SB140 with you, but if you’d like to learn all about the nitty, gritty of the Yeti SB140, head over to Jenson USA’s website via the following link (and FYI, anything you purchase via this link, or the affiliate links in this article, will directly help support my channel!): Learn more about the Yeti SB140.  Jenson is a huge part of how I’m able to produce so many of my videos, and they sponsored this one here.

As we were soaking up the view, perched right on the edge of the wilderness boundary, at first we thought we’d missed some lightning, as we’d heard what had to be thunder.  In a few moments, we realized we’d witnessed a massive rockslide from the top of the peak.  The wind pushed the dust upwards in an eerily narrow column, demarcating in exactly which chute the slide happened.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had a wild bit of weather of late, and it’s really felt like we’ve had three seasons compressed into only a few short weeks.

At the same time, I’ve had a chance to borrow a new Yeti SB140.  Doing as usual, I quickly set out to ride some trails I’d been wanting to sample.  And man, within just a few hours of home, conditions of these various trails, from the Cascades to the sea, couldn’t have been more different!

With hunting season in full swing, we would occasionally see folks sporting blaze orange. Unfortunately, my blaze orange kit is built for summer, so it was time for “blaze blue.”

Over the past few years, I’ve been able to live out a childhood dream of trying all kinds of various bikes.  One thing I haven’t explained is that the “new bike” thing isn’t the whole deal- as a kid, I just wanted to ride nice bikes, and ones that weren’t constantly broken.  Thank goodness bikes have gotten so reliable as of late!  Does anyone really miss those square taper bottom brackets?

A big thanks to Jenson USA for supporting this video.  I had a great time riding all the new-to-me trails aboard a new-to-me bike.  Experiences like these stick in the ‘ol memory banks!  Also, big thanks to my sponsors, PNW Components (check out their cockpit items here: PNW Components products), and Industry Nine (check out their products here: Industry Nine products), for supporting my content.

Video filmed by Logan Nelson, edited by Reilly Kintzele and Jeff Kendall-Weed.

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