Jeff Kendall-Weed meets Andy Jacques-Maynes

Podcast and video! Meet Andy, former pro racer, current Ibis engineer

Jeff Kendall-Weed meets Andy Jacques-Maynes
Meet Andy Jacques-Maynes, former pro mountain and pro road racer, and current day Ibis engineer.

New format- live interview with questions from our listeners! This is our first go, and we get to the audience questions about half way through the show!

All bikes have a story behind them, and for many of the bikes I ride daily, that story is Andy Jacques-Maynes!  Andy is an integral part of the engineering team at Ibis Cycles.  In fact, we even worked together at Ibis for a couple ears, as I was already well into my tenure at Ibis when Andy was hired.  Andy continues working at Ibis to this day.

While Andy was visiting Bellingham the other day we took a moment to sit down and run an interview on YouTube live.  We took a real fast tour through Andy’s background in riding and racing, as well as his prior time managing road product at Specialized.

Who should I interview next?  Let me know in the comments below!


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Jeff KW rides an Ibis Ripmo bike:

Jeff KW wears a Camelbak Kudo:

Jeff KW wears the Kitsbow Trials Jacket, Ride Tee, and Origin short:

Jeff KW is protected by the Kali Maya helmet:

Jeff KW runs the PNW Components Bachelor 170 post:

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