Dry, dusty and rolling fast!

I worked at WTB for three years, and really fell in love with the Riddler tire during that time!  Most mountain bike applications for the Riddler tire use it as a rear (drive) tire. However, drop bar bikes ridden on a variety of surfaces often really do well with the Riddler in the 700x45c variant. For drop bar bikes, the Riddler works great front and rear.  Mountain bikes, however, have a different weight bias and riding style, and typically do better with a knobbier, and therefore, more aggressive, tire in the front.  When paired with a semi-slick type tire, like this Riddler, the resulting ride is fast and efficient, yet hooked up in the corners.

The Riddler is notable for it’s minimalist center tread, which creates a fast tire with very low rolling resistance. The side knobs are large and blocky, and have been placed at a slight canter to help them track through corners when the bike is being leaned over.

I really like the Riddler as a rear tire in the summer time, as dry, dusty trails are even more fun at higher speeds. The Riddler does great in those conditions. In wetter conditions, I typically use either the Trailboss or the Vigilante as a rear tire.

Check out the WTB Riddler tire here at Jenson USA: http://bit.ly/2BiuhpM

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