Jeff Kendall-Weed with the Mojo 3 bike

The first part of the Mojo 3 Vlog

Check out the Mojo 3 at Jenson USA here:

Fiercely flexing my grandfather’s old cap, I braved the winter cold and filmed this in my garage shop-in-progress back in early February of 2018.  I had ridden the bike only minimally since I first built it up for the Mojo 3 launch video back in 2016.  Have a look at that older video here:

But after the bike had been sitting, I  had a great time on it with Rob Drew down in Arizona, riding National trail in South Mountain, in December of 2017.  In fact, the bike really surprised me, and even made it up the famous waterfall feature!  Fun extra tidbit- they day before that maneuver, I got to ride the pumptrack at McDowell for a few minutes with Eddie Masters and Bernard Kerr, and the bike was able to pull off some neat manual lines right in front of Chris Cocalis, Pivot bossman and owner (and all around good guy).

I really enjoyed putting this video together, and the response has been FANTASTIC!  I feel like the serial bike build and adaptation format is pretty engaging for a quick video series.  And for those who are newer to the MTB scene, or less tech savvy, it can be a nice introduction to how some simple mechanics are done. 

Stay tuned for further Mojo 3 build updates!  And again, check out the Mojo 3 at Jenson USA here:

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