The Occam in this stock configuration would be SO GOOD for so many American trail centers. The slightly shorter travel (140/150) means that flatter and less technical trails will not necessarily be too easy or boring.

How to perfect your bike’s handling: handlebar width!

#handlebarwidth #wideornarrow #keeppedalling How wide should your handlebars be?  Mountain bike handlebars come REALLY wide, and the hot tip is to cut them down to a more reasonable width.  But what’s a reasonable width for you, and what other factors might you want to consider before getting out the saw? PNW Components Range handlebar at…

The first part of the Mojo 3 Vlog

Fiercely flexing my grandfather’s old cap, I braved the winter cold and filmed this in my garage shop-in-progress back in early February of 2018.  I had ridden the bike only minimally since I first built it up for the Mojo 3 launch video back in 2016.