Ibis DV9- first look, first sends!

Check out the new Ibis DV9 at Jenson USA here: https://bit.ly/JensonUSA2022JKW

What a cool bike!  A $999 frame that weighs only 2.6lbs and sports a 67.4° head angle!  YES!!!

I’ll share with ya some of my initial observations of this new bike.  Turns out this bike is a size large here, so on a medium, I could likely run a 170 dropper with no issues.  Coming from a full suspension bike, it did take me a couple rides to feel comfortable on the hardtail again.  Keep in mind, it’ll be a little bit of time to get acquainted with that feeling, but as long as you aren’t smashing endless rocks, hardtails with big tires and long forks are actually quite forgiving.

Climbing, as expected, is generally rad.  The big 2.6 tires help a ton to make up for the traction that the rigid rear end loses in comparison to a full squish.  The bike is noticeably lighter than my Mojo 3, for instance.  2.6lbs!!!  I could eat cheeseburgers for breakfast and still climb faster than my full suspension bikes!

Jibbing- one of my favorite things to do on a bike!  The DV9 accelerates like mad, making it a great bike to sprint into weird obstacles.  The short chainstays also enable the bike to pull into a wheelie super easily, and then it’s intuitive to control that wheelie.  The big wheels take some adapting, but the overall size of the bike (wheelbase) is quite manageable.

Jumping- the bike jumps decently well, but I urge caution with truly big jumps and the 2.6 sized tires.  I burped the tires several times while over clearing jumps.  Also, the tires have a lot more rebound than a smaller, 2.3 sized tire.  I ran 16/17 psi, and felt that was about the sweet spot for me.  I’m 160lbs.

Trail Riding- this is where the DV9 truly shines!  The bike pumps really well, and it’s low BB makes for some great cornering traction.  The hardtail feel is a great change of pace- trails that are easy on the full squish become a little more challenging.  There’s also a cool feeling of being connected to the trail, with every pump having a more visceral effect without any muting of suspension.  I kept pumping and manualing my way through trails that I would normally mash or pedal through, and it sure felt like I was going faster.  True or not, it was definitely fun!

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  1. Nice video of the ride, always learn something from your videos…nice looking bike too…

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