The first time I saw the Ripmo!

This is the FIRST TIME I have ever laid eyes upon an Ibis Ripmo! Filmed in late February, I hadn’t yet seen even a photograph of the new Ibis bike! I had an idea of the geometry and the color, but that’s where my prior knowledge ended. Join me as I open this box and take my first views of the Ripmo!!!

Check the Ripmo out here:

Feature edit riding the Ripmo in the mountains above LA:

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Jeff KW rides an Ibis bike:
Jeff KW rides WTB Vigilante 2.3 TCS Tough High Grip tires:
Jeff KW wears the Kitsbow Power Wool long sleeve and Haskell short:
Jeff KW is protected by the Kali Maya and the Kali Venture glove:
Jeff KW runs the PNW Components Bachelor 170 dropper:

Ian Ewing: 4-21pm
Brock Berrigan: Curtain Calls
Guggenz: Business as Usual

Ripmo unboxing

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