Tom’s Sprinter Van Conversion: Motovan & Camper

My friend Tom Doran has about a decade of vanlife experience under his belt, and he built out his Sprinter to fit mountain bikes, motorcycles, AND have a complete living space. It’s one of the coolest Sprinter camper conversion I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the best part, too, is that it’s tried and tested by Tom and his girlfriend Kyleigh for several years now. 

The van includes a ventilated gear garage separate from the living space. This allows Tom and Kyleigh to sleep free of any smells or fumes. The garage has high pressure hoses for heated showers and gear washing. The living space includes a bed, a stove, a fridge, lots of storage, a seating area and more.

Tom runs a van conversion business called Freedom Vans.  Check him out here:

Toms Van.jpg

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