How to set up the Fox Float X2 rear shock

Here are six easy steps to set up the Fox Float X2 rear mountain bike shock correctly! Proper suspension set up is critical for optimum bike performance and safety, so it’s worth some of your time to understand the shock and set it up correctly. This guideline will also apply to many other shocks with separate high and low speed compression and rebound adjustments, including those with coil springs.

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  1. Hi Jeff, just wondering when you might do the X2 vs DPX2 comparison on the Ripmo that you’d mentioned planning on doing?

    1. Hey Tom, I’m trying out the DPX2 now. I’ve found that I’m a lot more comfortable on the Mojo 3 now, and I don’t have an X2 shock for that bike so I can’t do a clean A/B test. I did put a DPX2 on the Ripmo and as my shoulder gets better, I’ll spend some time dialing that one in. No idea on lead time for that video, maybe a month or two.

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