JEFF and bike

Sigh. Crashing at 6 in dang morning!

Yes, we all have our tumbles.  As you all know, I’m certainly no exception!

Ever notice that PNW logo on my handlebars? No, I’m not repping my locale that hard- or wait, maybe I am- but that’s actually a company that my friend Aaron runs! PNW Components makes some high end controls, including bars, stems, grips, dropper post, levers, and a few other doo dads. Have a peek at their site through my affiliate link here:

The morning started off so well! Even with some light color in the sky…

This weekday upload challenge for the month of May has been super fun!  It’s been great seeing all the love for this sort of video.  One day, I’d like to be able to just go for rides either by myself or with my buddies, film it, and upload, and have that be the bread and butter for my channel.

Set up for the turn, pump hard, and rock back for the exit. So fun!
Bike cornering a berm.
This is our fourth year living in Bellingham. It’s very green up here, and that’s OK with me. Folks often ask why my GoPro footage looks so fast- this is a great example here. See how my head is visible in the top of the frame? I have a VERY aggressive riding style that keeps me very low on the bike. I’m also fairly short at 5’8″ (174cm). This in turn positions the camera pretty low to the ground as well. I just use a standard GoPro chest mount and the Karma gimbal.
Braaap braaaap BBBBRRRRAAAAAPPP! This is such a sketchy spot in the trail- there’s a great take off, then it’s quite flat, then a root forms a crest for the top of the landing. All the dirt behind that root has now washed away, meaning it’s a jump basically to flat, with a corner immediately after. I’ve been setting the rear wheel down right at the top of that root/drop, and that it turn dissipates a lot the energy that would otherwise all be hitting the ground on the flat landing. I call this technique “deploying the landing gear”, and there are a few spots in town where I find this very handy. Lemme know if you’d like to see a tutorial on this!

This is the sort of ride where the Occam really performs well.  The bike has capable geometry and plenty of suspension, but it’s not so much that it makes trails “boring”.  I do get bored on this very trail when I ride it with my longer travel bikes.

If you liked this trail vlog, check the whole playlist here!

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