DREAM BUILD: Ibis Mojo 4 Carbon “mini-sender” trail bike!

The new Ibis Mojo 4 carbon trail bike is a hoot to ride, and you can learn all about the new bike over at Jenson USA via my affiliate link here: http://bit.ly/IbisJKW. As always, HUGE thanks to Jenson USA for supporting all my video efforts!  I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing if it weren’t for those guys.  While they might seem big, Jenson is mostly comprised of folks who ride, and they are all about supporting small brands.  Also, big thanks to Ibis Cycles for sponsoring me to do a Mojo 4 launch video and for getting me a bike and headset well ahead of launch date.  

Here’s my full Mojo 4 build, feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Swapping the spring of modern Fox air forks is pretty easy! I did make a mistake, as my how to video used a Fit4 equipped 36 which uses a different oil viscosity than this Grip2 unit, but I’ll be fixing that next week. It hasn’t been a problem after a dozen rides.
These seatposts don’t require any special hardware to insert the cable- pretty slick! And they come with a knarp in case you don’t have a fresh cable available, too.

My new athlete page over at Jenson USA: https://www.jensonusa.com/blog/rider-profile-JKW

Big shoutout to Industry Nine for hooking me up with the new carbon Enduro 315 wheels! Very light and extremely stiff!
Inner/outer chamfer tool- the best few dollars I’ve spent in a long time!
LOVE that PNW cockpit! Thanks to PNW for all their support!

My Patreon tutorials posted through May 2020:

The keyed ISCG 05 interface is really cool!
You might be seeing a WTB Tough casing tire. I see a huge spider.
The Arrundel cage fits Ibis bikes really well. Link above in the build spec.
The Blackburn Porkchop bag fits pretty well! Not as perfect as on the HD4/Mojo 3, but very much workable!

JKW Koozies available now! 


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Big thanks to these guys for making this all possible!  Any purchases from these links will directly help support my channel as

Jenson USA: https://bit.ly/JensonUSA2022JKW

Industry Nine: https://bit.ly/IndustryNine2022JKW

PNW Components: https://bit.ly/PNWComponents2022JKW

Shimano: https://bit.ly/Shimano2022JKW

Kitsbow Cycling Apparel: http://bit.ly/KitsbowJKW

Kali Protectives: http://bit.ly/KaliJKW

Ibis Cycles: http://bit.ly/IbisJKW

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