Jeff with Fox 36 and Fox 32 forks

Podcast: build your bike to improve your strengths, or overcome your weaknesses?

Jeff with Fox 36 and Fox 32 forks
Should you build your bike to further advance your strengths as a rider? Or should you try to hide your weaknesses?

We’ve all heard riders adamantly arguing bike builds, and one of the most never ending conflicts of the two wheeled life is that of the underlying, and very opposing, theories of “build it burly and strong” versus “build it light and efficient!”

This discussion is very apt for those who are enduro riders and racers.  Alas, the timer only runs on the descents, but with so many descents all strung together, the details start to really add up!  For example, riders with a cross country background often sport huge lungs, a perfect climbing technique, and lower body fat percentages than a runway model.  Should this rider build a light weight and efficient bike?  Or should they make up for lost time in the technical sections by going with a big fork and heavy duty tires?

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