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The Pacific North West (“PNW”) has ALWAYS been, in my eyes, a mountain bike mecca. That glory doesn’t just fall towards one particular place, as the area as a whole has so much to offer the discerning rider.  My first trips to Oakridge, OR, in 2006 are still among my favorite memories.  The amount of trails, not to mention the quality, was astounding.  Fast forwards twelve years later, and mountain biking has grown even more so in this region.  But what is really key here is HOW the sport has grown.

Advocacy groups in the PNW are very strong.  Take for instance the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.  I couldn’t believe how much signage I saw from Evergreen while we filmed the Kitsbow vid in 2015:

As the sport as grown, Evergreen has grown, and it’s gotten much stronger.  The amount of new trail development projects in the queue at Evergreen is astounding.  And the quality of these trails is top notch!  Take for instance the new trail network at Raging River, and if you haven’t yet, have a look at the video I made on Invictus trail for my initial opinions of this fine singletrack:

Locally, here in Bellingham, WA, the WMBC have done amazing things.  Between Galbraith Mountain, the Civic Dirt Jumps, Chuckanut, and the Whatcom Falls Pump track, evidence of WMBC’s success is everywhere.

Now, as a father, I naturally want my kid to have the best possible future.  And with the PNW I see a region where mountain biking is no longer a fringe sport- it’s a way of life for most inhabitants.  This is why we moved here in the first place.  And the strength behind the sport is from the organizations that exist here.  This means that we, as riders, have been able to secure sufficient amount of trails so that our riding opportunities aren’t overly crowded, and with professional trailbuilders in many counties, the riding opportunities just plain rip!  This is the future I want for my little girl- that she can hop on her bike, ride from home, and have a fun, safe way to explore nature and have fun.

Here in the PNW, this is happening.

Sure enough, I sold the bike that I promised I would, and I went ahead and donated that $500 the WMBC.  And I can’t wait to keep pushing folks to join and support the WMBC and Evergreen.

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