2.6 tires- first look at new items from WTB!

WTB Trailboss 2.6 tire at Jenson USA: http://bit.ly/2x5cGwX
WTB Vigilante 2.6 tire at Jenson USA: http://bit.ly/2x670C8
Orange Seal tire sealant at Jenson USA: http://bit.ly/2x7WmdQ

The industry is QUITE excited about the new 2.6 size tires coming out!! WTB just released the Vigilante 2.6 as well as the Trailboss 2.6. I just got these tires mounted up on my trusty Mojo 3, using Ibis 742 rims, and I’m starting to log a few miles on them. Thus far, they feel good!

Initial impressions: definitely a lot more footprint on the trail than the old 2.3/2.25 tires, so more available braking and climbing traction, but at the same time, the rebound effect when landing from jumps on hardpacked trails is more pronounced as well.

I’ll be spending a bit more time on these tires before doing a full review, but for now, join me as I mount these tires up and begin to see what they are all about!

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