Riding with Rad Women: Meet Danica Fife

Danica only started mountain biking three years ago, and she’s already racing enduro and on her way to becoming a pro! We went up to Darrington, Washington to ride some rad trails and talk about what inspired Danica to ride, what she loves about the sport and her hopes for the future. Keep this one on your radar, she’s sure to be going places!

Head over to Danica Fife’s female mountain biking YouTube channel and give her a subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69l…

Also check out Danica’s female mountain biking Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/danicafife/

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  1. You should definitely come check out our trails in Colorado after the snow melts! Everything from the Front Range trails, to Crested Butte, and in-between.

    1. Jen, I’ve done videos in Telluride and Durango, and am hoping to do a clinic or two in CO this next summer. I’m curious about Crested Butte, have heard it has some good stuff! I’ve also raced in Keystone, Winter Park, Snowmass, and Durango. No idea if Danica’s been out there though! There is a really strong women’s scene in CO though, she should visit!

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