How Mike from The Lost Co. created his dream job

Mike Randol and I have a lot in common, except I do think he did a better job of taking the “big plunge” into living his dream life by doing it when he was a bit younger! In 2014, at 24 years old, Mike realized there was literally nothing holding him back from living his mountain biking dream life. While working at Bloomington Cycle and Fitness in Illinois was a good job, and he was attending some college, he realized that he could live someplace more mountainous, someplace that had actual mountain bike trails.

Mike dropped out of school, made the 2,000 mile move, and eventually sold his car to move into a van. This enabled him to focus on riding, riding, and riding, while simultaneously working at a local Bellingham bike shop. Eventually he built out his own mobile bike shop, which would enable him to work for himself. The next step was to secure a building of his own, and park his Sprinter home in the driveway. I dunno about you, but I’m excited to see what Mike does next!

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