Riding Iceland with Jeff Kendall-Weed

Back when I was an inside sales account manager at Ibis Cycles, I got a phone call from a guy named Runar, from Iceland.  He wanted to sell Ibis through his bike shop on the island.  Sure enough, I met him at Eurobike a few years later, in 2013, and it was great to finally put a face to the name.  But what really stood out was that we ran into each other, randomly enough, in the Swiss alps a few days after the show.  He was an avid rider, and made darn well sure that his trip to Europe would include some quality riding.


Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to visit his home country, and get a feel for the landscape.  Well sure enough, an opportunity came up, so I jumped on it- and we made it to Iceland!  We filmed this whole video in only three afternoon shoots, so we had to stay close to Reykjavik, but the riding quality was great.  If you like the video, please share it to your Facebook page!

Thanks to Ibis Cycles, Camelbak, Kali Protectives, and Kitsbow Cycling Apparel for making this video possible!  Also, huge thanks to Niklas Wallner for filming, and Petur Thor for the still photos.

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