Adjustable suspension geometry: gimmick, or real benefit?

Does adjustable geometry matter? Modern day mountain bikes often incorporate some sort of “chip” that can “flip” (their words, not mine) to adjust a bike’s geometry.  And once in a while, we’ll see various mechanical options on the frame to change the bike’s suspension characteristics- making it easier to bottom out (regressive) or much more…

New from PNW- join me for a fun seatpost vlog!

With the new PNW Components’ Loam Dropper post on hand, I wanted to use it as an excuse to go ride somewhere really cool… So we loaded up and made it down to CCDH at Raging River! Join me for the ride, and stick around for the vlog!

This lesser known Leavenworth classic will test your mettle

Out in Leavenworth, WA, I previewed what the upcoming chilly winter months have to offer with Icicle Ridge. Despite the frigid name, the climb up was sweltering as we kept ascending, even reaching temperatures over 100 degrees, Icicle Ridge provided little reprieve from the sun. The heat combined with the trail’s steep elevation made this…

WA state’s longest flow trail?

Flow trails are an easy way for newer cyclers to get a good feel for what downhill speed can be without all of the pelvis-breaking obstacles. The idea behind flow trails is to have a smooth trail with a sustained higher speed, usually with a series of berms or rollers to allow riders to pump….

TUTORIAL! Same speed, same jump, different flight path!

Jumping- we all love it, and sometimes, we all hate it.  Saying you can learn how to jump from watching a video is something I just don’t believe in, as every jump is different, and there are so many different ways of teaching this.  That said- I wanna be very upfront- this is not a…

Bump up your bunnyhop height!

A fundamental mountain biking skill, the bunnyhop is believed by some to be an ancient tradition passed down through mountain biking lore since the beginning of time. It may seem weird the bunnyhop was invented right at the beginning of time, but just hear me out. After all these years, there is a simple (but…

Her FIRST true mountain bike!

At 3 years old, my daughter has already been pedaling for over a year. And the Prevelo Zulu Two is an awesome first mountain bike for a kid.