Our little gal's new bike!

My favorite little bike!

This Woom bike is available at https://us.woombikes.com/products/1

As ya’ll know, many of my best memories in life have been on a bike. And as our daughter grows, she constantly sees both her parents on their bikes (and smiling on said bikes!), thus fueling her own desire to ride. And you know what? Knowing that bikes can provide such sublime experiences, I think it’s totally worth it to get her a really nice bike.

Some friends of ours have the same model, the Woom 1, and when our little gal tried theirs out, she immediately looked comfortable and was able to ride with a lot more confidence than on her prior bike, a Y-Velo Twista. That Twista was a great early introduction to wheels, but at ~18 months old, her skills have progressed beyond the Twista’s capabilities. Enter the Woom 1!

The Woom is noticeablly lighter and larger than the Twista. And it’s truly a two wheeler. The 12” tires, complete with rubber inner tubes, give her a much softer ride in the dirt. The frame, fork, handlebar, stem, and seatpost are all aluminum, as opposed to steel (and plastic) of the older bike. The aluminum parts are noticeably lighter! The headset and hub bearings roll quite smoothly, and there’s a nice strap to keep the front wheel from turning too far and causing an OTB crash.

The Woom 1 does have a handbrake, and while that’s a little beyond our gal’s current skill level, it’ll be great for her to start learning about brakes at a young age.

We’ve been thrilled with the Woom 1, and we can definitely recommend it!


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