Mental Gremlins! New Kendall Vs Kendall episode

Mental gremlins?  Those are the voices in your head telling you to NOT do something risky, that’ it’s not worth it, that it’s too dangerous; at the same time, mental gremlins are also the same things that tell you it’s ok, you can send it, don’t worry that it’s totally sketchy.  Totally confused yet?  Basically, mental gremlins are either your fear or your over-confidence!

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I battle mental gremlins just like everyone else.  From getting hurt, and needing to overcome that pain in order to get back on the bike, to assessing new jumps and risks with a clear mind, we can all relate to this topic.  Through my years on the bike I’ve concocted a few of my own tricks to either get past a mental block or to simply get back onto two wheels after a broken bone.

Here’s a great example of how I’ve had to overcome mental gremlins when a stunt seemed too scary:

I’ve also had to deal with overcoming injury, and I recently made a video discussing that:

And finally, I didn’t quite overcome this one.  I failed on this move- I was over confident in my vision of what I could do.  However, this is a great example of breaking down a stunt to the most fundamental aspects:

I hope this podcast helps you overcome, or battle, your own mental gremlins!

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