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#backpackslayer– show me your shreddy mountain bike footage while wearing your backpack!  Waldon83 on PinkBike.com threw that hashtag my way and I had to laugh.  I’m finally reaching true #dadstatus!

I’ve been rocking Camelbak hydration packs for years and years, and made the formal switch over from fanny packs to complete backpacks due to the convenience of being able to carry a full jacket (or laptop) while commuting.  And, it turns out that the extra back protection the hydration packs offer gave me some additional confidence to really send it.

Interestingly enough, ever since I was riding primarily with a pack, I started to ride better.  Wheelies got easier, too.  Weird, but that extra weight has helped me throw the bike around!

Now I’m stoked to know that my spine is protected AND I’ve got what I need in case of mechanical failure.

Here’s what’s in my Camelback:

Camelbak MULE (https://bit.ly/2muteZp)

Camelbak Skyline LR10 (https://bit.ly/2uQOfBk)

Camelbak Kudu 10 (https://bit.ly/2Lnmg6x)

Essential kit: Lezyne SV-10 (https://bit.ly/2mutQhF)

Core Mini Pump (https://bit.ly/2JCfKEn)

Fox Shox shock pump: (https://bit.ly/2zR9cSH)

Blackburn Plugger tubeless repair kit (https://bit.ly/2zTIPeR)

WTB inner tube (https://bit.ly/2uPdZhp)

Ibis derailleur hanger (https://bit.ly/2uPHOi7)

SRAM quick link (https://bit.ly/2Lyf3O5)

Park Spoke Wrench (https://bit.ly/2LAokF9)

Lezyne tire levers (https://bit.ly/2LaVtuW)

Toe strap (https://bit.ly/2LaW5ke)

Extended kit: Panaracer kit (https://bit.ly/2Ly0Kcf)

Blackburn 2fer taillight (https://bit.ly/2mtdnud)

Blackburn Central 200 headlight(https://bit.ly/2uwiq1x)

Cane Creek headset spacers

GoPro mounts

GoPro batteries

Microfiber lens cloth

Backpack thumb 1 copy.PNG

General Affiliate Links:

Jenson USA: https://bit.ly/JensonUSA2022JKW

Industry Nine: https://bit.ly/IndustryNine2022JKW

PNW Components: https://bit.ly/PNWComponents2022JKW

Shimano: https://bit.ly/Shimano2022JKW

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