Wheelie on bicycle

Costa Rica Sent Me to Rehab

Wheelie on bicycle

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Rehab you say???  That’s right- shoulder rehab!  Down in Costa Rica I crashed HARD.  And broke the front of my scapula!  Recovery is important, especially when it’s right in the middle of the summer, and over the years I have indeed stumbled across a few tips to hasten the process!

Cardiovascular exercise drastically improves recovery time- blood flow is really important!  I spin twice a day on my trainer.  Speaking of trainer, there’s a way to retrofit a modern 148×12 bike to fit via modifying an old QR skewer.  Use an Ibis axle (https://bit.ly/2Ab26s9) with that cut skewer at the ends and BOOM- immediate trainer compatibility!

In addition to good continued (and low impact) exercise, I also hit the gym as much as I can, eat lots of veggies, and minimize alcohol intake.  Sleep is important too, but I haven’t got any of that for 20 months now.

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