Her FIRST true mountain bike!

Ever get tired of people showing you pictures of their kids?  Well, I’m about to be that guy. Don’t worry, this time it will actually be worth it. Big shout out to Prevelo, a kids bike brand from Southern California, who provided a new upgrade for my daughter’s wheels. Previously we had been using Woom bikes-an Austrian company making extremely lightweight kids bikes. The Woom 1 was an exceptional first bike and came highly recommended, along with its older sibling the Woom 2.  Children’s bikes can have a great return on investment, but more importantly we all just want to see our kids take some risks having fun. And MAYBE wipeout once or twice between the fruit roll ups, chocolate milk, and “cookie snacks” (Lara Bars).

This new bike has 16 inch wheels, while the old bike has 14 inch wheels. That’s a 12.5% difference in height. Let’s put that in context. If this were her height, she’d go from stealing muffins at countertop height to sneaking pints from eye level with the bar. (Jk)

The Zulu Two will be a big change for my daughter because of the increase in tire size, the addition of disc-brakes and better geometry for the trail. Oddly enough, a 27.5 to 29 has only 5% difference in tire size, while a 14 to 16 is 12.5%! Us grown ups will have a hard time relating to what big of a change that must be. After riding through parts of Galbraith with my daughter, we started to see some people riding around on Prevelo bikes. A beginner trail we would frequent is the Cedar Dust Green Jump Line, and sure enough I noticed Prevelo’s sponsorship of the trail.

Most of our local trails on Galbraith mountain have some sort of business level sponsorship. Prevelo sponsors this Green Jump Line in the Cedar Dust area. Ironically enough, jump trails are more conducive to beginning riders because they are free of rocks and roots.
Our favorite kid loop is Karma Trail on Garbraith. Evelina has been riding this trail since the days of her Y Velo Twista run bike to her Woom 1 and most recently with her Woom 2. If you see us on the trail, expect to hear me alert her to the presence of a big kid who needs to get by.
What’s more exciting, getting a new bike? Bubblewrap! Silly grown ups! 

While bubblewrap is the main attraction for any kid (or adult), there was an excellent kids bike that came along with it too. Prevelo builds legit kids bikes and are definitely kid-tested.

Using mineral oil, these disc brakes have sufficient power for child sized hands to come to a full stop on even the steepest of trails. Extra bonus: grown ups can use a 2mm Allen key to adjust the lever extra close to the child sized handlebar. That red thing? That’s for our tow strap.
Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. But what about the slug and Evelina? The slug, like the tortoise, moves slowly. Evelina, like the hare, is distracted by everything. Who would win, a slug or a 4 year old?
“That’s how we do it, sluuuuuuug!” She wasn’t referring to me following in her blaze of glory. At least I don’t think so. Trash talk sets in early!

Huge shoutout to Prevelo who was kind enough to hook us up with this bike. Here is a link to the Prevelo site, and anything you purchase will help my channel. Thanks in advance!

Big thanks to these guys for making this all possible!  Any purchases from these links will directly help support my channel as well:

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