For Her build: my wife’s Ripley LS!

My wife is 5’3” and rides a size small Ibis Ripley LS- and it’s among her most favorite mountain bikes! She’s been riding an Ibis Ripley since 2014, and she’s always loved the bike, as it has a playful, yet confident, feel. Check out the Ripley LS over at Jenson USA:

The stock build has us pretty happy. We’ve been considering swapping the tires for some WTB Vigilantes for the winter conditions here, but the 2.6 Schwalbes have been working well enough to not make that a huge priority.

One issue we are dealing with is the seatpost. The bike only allows for 140mm of seat post insertion, making a 100mm drop Fox Transfer post actually too tall, in its lowest possible height, for my wife’s preferred saddle height. Being 5’3”, she is right in line with the recommended rider heights of 5’ through 5’5”.

Not being able to fit the stock, internally routed Fox post, we are trying a PNW Components Cascade 125mm dropper, which is externally routed, and we are going to shim down the extended height with some One Up USA shims. I’ll have to do a follow up video if this bike hack does indeed work! I’m hoping it’ll result in ~100mm of drop and no issues with it being too tall for her.

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  1. Can’t wait to see J chasing you down the trail on the new IBIS…pretty soon you will be able to get E up and running too…happy biking over the Christmas holidays….pmb

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