Fitting a looooooong dropper post

Modern mountain bikes are literally designed around dropper seat posts, and the name of the game has quickly become how to fit the longest possible drop post into your frame.  With frames having various possible insertion depths, and with steeper seat angles, the measurements you’ll need to buy the correct post might not be as intuitive as one might think.

Ripley LS Seat Seated Height

Basic formula: Maximum seat post inserted length minus frame’s maximum insertion depth.  If it’s a positive number, then add that to the distance of the center of BB to top of seat tube and that will equal the lowest possible seated height.

Ripley LS Thumb 3

Ripley LS Thumb 3

In this video, I use several WTB saddle examples, as well as a PNW Components Cascade 125mm post.  The following affiliate links all go to a great sponsor of mine, Jenson USA, and any purchases while at Jenson will help my channel as well.

My custom hack solution converted my wife’s 125mm drop post down to a 75mm using OneUp Component’s shim kit THIS HACK WILL VOID YOUR PNW SEATPOST WARRANTY:

My wife’s USA built Ibis Ripley LS bike:

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  1. Man if I was a bike nut, I would sure learn a lot from your posts, what a talent…hope things go well with the new venture Jeff…

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