Do you ride in the rain???

Do you ride your mountain bike in the rain? While it’s a way of life here in the Pacific North West, I’m asking this question because not all climates have suitable terrain for wet weather riding. I make sure I’ve got a fender on my bike, though the fender you see in this video is a bit of a DIY unit! Once I’ve got that sorted, I make sure I’ve got a good set of wet weather tires. I really like the WTB tire line. Not only did I work there, but I have LOVED their tires for nearly two decades now.

WTB Verdict Wet:
WTB Verdict:

The WTB Judge 2.4 Tough High Grip is my go to rear for really gnarly riding, and I use the Tough Fast Rolling version of the Judge for slightly less gnar stuff. Up front, the WTB Verdict Wet has a massive amount of traction and predictability in the wet. In the dry, the Verdict is a very good choice for more hardpack conditions. I still love the Vigilante 2.5, and for a wider variety of conditions, it’s a solid choice.

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