Meeting Brandon Watts, Freehub Magazine publisher

If you’ve ever seen the thick, glossy pages of Freehub Magazine, you likely took more than a few minutes to cruise through the crisp mountain biking photographs, read the timeless stories, and enjoyed the traditional salute to the MTB community.  Perhaps you’ve seen the digital work of Freehub, often found on their website or YouTube page.  It’s almost guaranteed you’ve seen their work under the guise of a leading industry brand, as they do a lot of contract work as well.  But have you met the publisher behind the media?  BIG thanks to Brandon Watts for spending a morning with Logan and I out at the Chuckanuts!

Check out Freehub here:

Special shout out to Jenson USA!  Originally I was going to run this a passion project, but we ended up spending quite a bit more time dialing in the video than originally anticipated, so with Brandon’s consent we included Jenson.  BIG thanks to Jenson- they are a big part of how I’m able to bring all of you this fun content!  And, let’s remember, Jenson is a leading online retailer of mountain bikes, parts, and accessories, and has multiple warehouses within the USA for quick shipping times.  Check out what Jenson has available here:

This was a cool story! Brandon and I are the same age (along with Danny Macaskill, Chris Akrigg, and more- we are all 35!), and while his career has so many similarities with my own, it’s also got some big differences. Yes, we’ve both worked in the “bike industry” since ~2008, BUT he’s been on the publishing side of things since day 1. I’m technically a “publisher” as well, but the way I go about it couldn’t be more different! Mad props to Brandon for building what he has!
YES!  Honestly, I was just as excited to be riding in the Chuckanuts as I was to be making a video!  Here’s a link to the trail map:
If you’ve only got 1 trick, be sure you do it everywhere.
Double Black is a fun trail that descends the top half of the Chuckanuts. The trail has become quite built for bikes, with lots of berms and some jumps, and this is evidenced here by the hefty bench cut we’ll use as a landing.  This little section uses some of the fir tree roots to form a little step down.  
Brandon’s style is on point!

Also, big thanks to Logan for filming, you can give him a follow here:

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