Fox DPX2 rear shock testing

4 adjustments- can life get simpler?

Fox DPX2 rear shock testing
Setting up the new DPX2 here on Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, WA.

Check out the Fox DPX2 rear shock here at Jenson USA:

The Fox Float DPX2 is a great rear shock!

It was super interesting installing these shocks simultaneously on both my Ibis Mojo 3 and Ripmo bikes.  Not just installing them- but testing them back-to-back on the same trail, too!

The Mojo 3 had a 2016 Factory Series Float rear shock- the OEM, stock shock.  My Ripmo had a 2018 Fox Factory Series Float X2 rear shock.  Swapping both of these over to 2019 DPX2s has been a very interesting change!  Comparing the DPX2 directly to these two (very different) OEM shocks is framing up my next video- a DPX2 review!

Going back and forth from the short travel 27.5 bike to the longer-ish travel 29er was interesting too- the differences between the two steeds was immediately noticeable!  The little 27.5 bike indeed felt like a skate board.  Short, nimble, easy to get airborne, easy to drift through corners, and a hair out-of-control.  Super fun and lively. The Ripmo felt longer, but on the trail, the bike was almost as fun and playful as the Mojo 3, just a little bit harder to get off the ground (it has more suspension travel) but not a slug by any means.  On the flip side, WOW, what a confidence boost to have that much traction and stability!  The bikes were both fun, just in different ways.

I’ve been asked a handful of questions about how to dial in the shock, so here’s how I set up my own bikes!

Mojo 3 settings:

  • 185 psi
  • 4 clicks from max low speed comp
  • 9 clicks from max rebound
  • .8 volume reducer

Ripley LS settings:

  • 195 psi
  • 6 clicks from max low speed comp
  • 11 clicks from max rebound
  • .4 volume reducer

Stay tuned (pun intended), I’ll be posting a review video in a few more weeks after I get some more experience on these DPX2 shocks!

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