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Last weekend my family and I took a fun trip down to San Diego so that I could become an official, certified Bike Instructor.  Yep, I’m now bonafide!

As a self-taught rider, the idea of communicating skills and techniques to others that don’t already have a lifetime of riding experience always seemed challenging.  As I’ve progressed into my “video rider” career, I’ve often found stunts or jibs that don’t work on the first few tries.  Rather than just give each move 100 tries, I started to break down why I wasn’t able to land something.  Focusing this much on technique has taught me a ton- not just about how I ride and learn, but about how I might be able to communicate this to someone else.

Now that I’m certified, I’m going to be uploading monthly riding tutorials to my Patreon page.  Let me know what skills you’d like to learn!

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  1. I would like to learn how to get the front wheel up high prior to riding over an obstacle or coming off a ledge. I have only been able to get it up about 6” or so which is not nearly high enough.

  2. Great idea to teach others your skills and to learn how to fly thru the woods and mountains with ease…like a bird even.
    Better still lots of new folks can learn all the jargon, equipment, and different types of gear that are used on the new bikes today…of course all this stuff is too far out for me, but I am sure others will learn tons as you say…good luck with your new adventure…and the ride continues!!

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