Jeff Kendall-Weed in his Promaster van

To the trailhead and beyond: my Promaster buildout

My 2015 Ram ProMaster 136” conversion van is more of a family camper van, built for mountain biking and camp trips, than the original moto van conversion I first showed on the channel. My daughter and I have recently done a couple of camp outs in the van, and for what’s also my daily driver, I’m REALLY happy with the rig! While it’s certainly a lot of vehicle to daily drive, it’s smaller than the ubiquitous full size pickup truck, and gets slightly better mileage. Considering how nice it is to have a fully enclosed cargo zone and also the ability to park in a standard, single sized parking space, it’s a great all around family set up.


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5 inch memory foam mattress:

Edgestar Compressor Fridge AC and DC powered:

12v inverter for powering MacBook Pro:

CR Laurence fixed window for driver’s side: (If I had to do it again, I’d use a fixed window for the sliding door too)

M6 Rivnut Stainless:

Rivnut installation tool:

Swivel seats: (Link from Singletrack Sampler’s page, and I haven’t installed it yet)


JKW Koozies – great to keep in your van for camping trips or post-ride sips. Click to shop!

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Jenson USA:

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