PODCAST and VIDEO: Chasing an OLYMPIAN down Galbraith Mountain!

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What a rad day!  My friend Jordan Carr was passing through town, and like we did last summer, we headed out for a quick ride.  I met Jordan while he was working for IMBA, then he transitioned to Kitsbow for a short while.  Not surprisingly, I really got to know Jordan best while he was with Kitsbow.  Recently, he’s taken a super cool gig at a communications company, all while chasing some of the best enduro races in North America.

Unbeknownst to me, Jordan brought his good buddy Sam Schultz along for our ride.  I’d never met Sam before, but I’d sure heard of him!  He is a 2012 Olympian, but more importantly, he’s a great dude and a total shredder on the bike!  Sam has undergone a huge effort to begin a NICA league in Montana, see his website here: http://www.montanamtb.org/

Prior to riding, we recorded a podcast!  Between Jordan’s background at IMBA and within the traditional private sector of the industry, and Sam’s efforts to begin that NICA league, we had some great perspectives on how we can leverage all of this to grow our sport.  Check this out at iTunes (above link) or at SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/user-249209686

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Chasing pro mountain biker Jordan Carr and 2012 Olympian Sam Shultz down Galbraith Mountain.
Chasing pro mountain biker Jordan Carr and 2012 Olympian Sam Shultz down Galbraith Mountain.

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