OOOPS! Saved my friend… then sent him down a cliff

With the CZU Lightning Complex fires burning outside of Santa Cruz, some good friends of ours were displaced. We’ve been housing them- and going for a ton of rides! Join Chris and I for a quick Galbraith ride.

Answering your “how to manual” questions!

Thank you all for joining me this month!  I’m finally back on the bike and healthy, and I’ve been riding my moto a little bit and camping out with my daughter a ton.  I’ve been mostly riding my 27.5 wheeled Mojo HD5 this month, and that little bike is surprisingly good at manuals!  It got…

Can he make it? Riding “ALL BRAITH”!

I’ve known Andy since my days working at Ibis, as he became an Ibis employee after his career as a professional road cyclist ended abruptly with a poorly timed broken collarbone.  Today, Andy works as an engineer remotely for Ibis, and has moved his family to Bellingham, WA.  When I’m not out breaking my pelvis…

I didn’t send it. And I’m glad!

We all love to send it big, and heck, I’ve nearly made a career for myself doing so, but we also need to be realistic about when it makes sense to take a big risk.  If you find an obstacle that you don’t understand exactly how to ride, it’s a sign that you’re on the…

Meeting Brandon Watts, Freehub Magazine publisher

Freehub Magazine stands out in the media landscape, and I’ve always been curious how it began and what makes it tick. With the magazine being my next door neighbor, this was a great excuse to spend a day riding and chatting with Freehub publisher, Brandon Watts.

How to dial in your bike for summer 

Here are 5 easy, low cost ways you can dial in your bike for the changes in season- if you don’t think this makes a difference, then learn from my mistakes!